Why we do it

While living in an environment that is characterized by high levels of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (“VUCA world”) it is pivotal for an individual, for society, and especially for organizations and educational institutions to have/develop the capacities to cope with these dynamics of uncertainty, exponentiality, and unpredictability.

One of the implications and challenges of such dynamics is that we are constantly confronted with open-ended situations that cannot be dealt with by applying the classic paradigms of problem solving, (management by) planning and control, or of a mechanistic perspective on humans, organizations, and their environments. Instead of (more or less) defined problem- and solution spaces neither of them is given and both are permanently “moving and evolving targets”.

 The challenge is no longer to “solve problems”, but to deeply understand and identify what is the relevant question or problem, to set the relevant frame, and, finally to (co-)create new niches with their distinctive purpose that fit into emerging and unfolding environmental dynamics.
We suggest to not only question these developments, but to provide an alternative perspective and approach for learning, educational processes, organizational design and dynamics that is fundamentally directed to and driven by the future.